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It’s easy to compare cheap home insurance quotes online with Shyft.tt. All it takes is for you to submit some information about yourself and the home you are looking to insure. Then, we instantly generate quotes for your contents insurance and home insurance in Trinidad and Tobago. It’s straightforward and easy!

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How to get a home insurance quote

To see and compare personalized quotes for your homeowner’s insurance in Trinidad, we’ll need some information on:


  • Details about your home

    The type of property, the number of rooms, and when it was built

  • Information on the occupants

    We need to know if this home is used for private residences only

  • The rebuild/replacement cost of your home and contents

    The cost of rebuilding your home and replacing your contents if it were destroyed. This is very important as you should never be “underinsured”

  • Information about your home’s security and fire protection installed

    We need to know if you have any security systems installed in your home such as fire extinguishers, burglar proofing, alarm system, cameras, and if the home is in a gated community.

  • Your claims history

    Details of your claims history will help lower the price you are quoted. If you have never had a home insurance claim this will definitely be favorable for getting a competitive premium

Home insurance

Insurance quote checklist

  • Home and construction details
  • Occupant details
  • Value of building
  • Value of contents
  • Home security and protections
  • Claims history


The average cost of home insurance in Trinidad for 2019 was $5,400. We all love lower home insurance premiums. However, these savings are unlikely to be passed on automatically without justifying that your property or contents are protected.

The best way to get a cheaper home insurance quote is to shop around and compare premiums every year. This will ensure you are getting the best value for your dollar.

If you want coverage for your home contents or jewelry, it is important to know whether you want to have this insured for worldwide cover, for cover only in T&T, or cover in the home premises only.

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