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"Insurance is a promise, at Beacon we keep our promises"

The Beacon Insurance Company Limited is one of the most popular insurance providers we deal with here at Not only is Beacon one of the largest of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, but its principles and core values have done an excellent job of attracting discerning customers who are looking for quality products. This is one reason we stand proudly with Beacon when it comes to comparing insurance quotes.

Beacon insurance certainly provides the security and peace of mind you would expect from all the top insurance providers in the country. Its car insurance in Trinidad is essentially second to none, and the same can be said of its Trinidad home insurance.

Here are some details on each category, which we hope you find helpful when you are comparing insurance quotes with

Beacon Car Insurance in Trinidad

Beacon keeps things simple when it comes to car insurance. The company offers two essential types of products in this area: basic third party and basic comprehensive.

Basic Third Party

Basic third-party insurance covers you for damages you inflict on others or their property while driving in your vehicle. It also includes a roadside assistance plan.

Basic Comprehensive

If you spring for basic comprehensive car insurance, you receive all the benefits of basic third-party insurance, plus coverage for damages you do to your own vehicle and separate protection for windshield damage. 

In the event of a car accident that was not your fault, the comprehensive plan grants you the right not to have to liaise with the other insurance provider. If you do cause an accident yourself, the comprehensive plan’s “own damage” parameters mean that Beacon will pay for your vehicle damages as well as the other party’s.

Both the basic third-party and basic comprehensive car insurance plans make Beacon drivers eligible for a no-claims discount, which encourages safe driving.

Beacon Home Insurance in Trinidad

Beacon insurance in the area of homes and personal property is as reliable as the company’s car insurance offerings. Beacon’s home insurance in Trinidad includes coverage for three main categories of property: building only, contents only, and building and contents together.

Building Only

Building-only property insurance covers damage to your home’s walls, roof, fixtures, garages, fences, and other structures such as garages, to name just a few areas. The hazards that can damage these elements include high winds, earthquakes, floods, and fires.

Contents Only

Contents-only insurance, by contrast, covers you for just the household items and personal effects contained within your home. This policy is meant mostly for renters.

Building and Contents

This property insurance plan covers both the structure of your buildings and the items contained within them.

About Beacon Insurance

The Beacon Insurance Company’s vision has always been to become a performance-driven and respected regional player in the insurance industry with strong brand recognition in all of the territories the company serves. Beacon was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Beacon has 13 locations in Trinidad and Tobago and 7 locations regionally throughout the Caribbean.

Beacon is a family-owned company that operates in an informal but disciplined environment that is fair to all stakeholders, promotes business flexibility, and encourages innovation. The company is supported by a CariCris rating of A-, which means you are likely to get your money back in the event of a claim.

Beacon’s Shyft claim rating is A, meaning 85% of the company’s customers had a good experience when they filed a claim. After all, that is the real reason why people buy insurance!

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Compare insurance quotes with today, and start benefiting from the best insurance rates available.

286 Number of Employees
1996 Year Founded
13 Number of Branches


  • Other business (Property) with Beacon up to 15%
  • 40% plus NCD (No Claims Discount)
  • Forensys Claims Service response for All Beacon policyholders
  • Totally Customizable “U Choose” Motor Insurance Product
  • 10% Anti Theft Device Discount available
  • Monthly discounts at Beacon clients stores or other monthly promotions offered
  • Premium Financing