About Us

Shyft is the Caribbean’s first comparison website for insurance quotes. We understand that you have many options being advertised to you when you are shopping for car insurance in Trinidad. Do you need third-party insurance or the full spectrum of coverage with a comprehensive policy? Furthermore, which optional benefits are right for you and your family, if any? The same applies when you are in the market for home insurance in Trinidad. How much coverage do you really need? And what can you afford to pay?

Shyft is here to let you compare insurance quotes online so you know what your options are before you buy anything. That’s precisely why we started Shyft, and why we still do what we do today.

Our Story

Shyft was born out of the idea that buying insurance shouldn’t be difficult. But it often is. Insurance is a crowded marketplace, and it leaves shoppers uncomfortable and, quite frankly, not fully knowledgeable about what exactly they purchased. Add in a ton of wasted time between standing in lines, making phone calls, and not even getting the answers you need, and it could be a downright frustrating customer experience.

Two friends recognized this, and over a game of tennis one night, they threw some balls and ideas around about how they could change the experience for the Trinidad and Tobago market. And from there, Shyft was born.

Besides wanting to make the insurance shopping experience easier and more transparent, Shyft is focused on helping you save money. In this tough economic climate, we should all be more aware of where our money is going – and Shyft is here to ensure you’re always getting value for your money, and that you never walk away with that iffy post-purchase feeling.

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