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At, we help online users compare car insurance and home insurance quotes from numerous providers in Trinidad and Tobago. It isn’t exactly our job to point our customers in one direction or another. Rather, we try to help people find the options that are right for their life circumstances and budgets.

Trinre Insurance Company Limited is one insurance provider whose options we are happy to present. Among many other products, the company offers both home insurance and car insurance in Trinidad, which we are proud to let users compare on our site.

Trinre Car Insurance

As with many insurance providers, Trinre insurance for vehicles encompasses three major types. We will briefly explain those categories here.

Third-Party Insurance

Third-party Trinre insurance is a basic form of car insurance that is meant to protect you from the damages you may cause to others in the event of an accident on the road. Say, for example, you become distracted for a moment while driving and strike a parked car. Your third-party insurance will cover the personal property damage, as well as any injuries, that you cause in the incident. Trinre’s third-party insurance also covers some legal costs you might generate as a result of an accident you cause.

Third-Party Fire & Theft Insurance

Next is third-party fire & theft insurance. This builds on the standard third-party insurance by adding coverage for damage to your vehicle resulting from fire or theft.

Comprehensive Insurance

The third type of Trinre insurance for vehicles is comprehensive insurance. This protects you from the costs of damages from risks such as collisions, fire, explosion, and theft. Comprehensive insurance also includes coverage for loss of personal belongings that were in your vehicle at the time of damage and medical costs incurred from these hazards.

Trinre Home Insurance

Trinre’s home insurance in Trinidad offers several types of property insurance, including standard homeowners insurance and renters insurance. Trinre homeowners insurance covers all aspects of personal property from hazards such as fires, floods, earthquakes, and theft.

The different policies under Trinre’s umbrella home insurance product include coverage for:

  • Damage to the actual structure of your house, plus any other structures on the property, including sheds and garages
  • Damage to your home, all your property’s structures, and all your possessions that are contained within your home and your property’s other structures
  • Damage to or theft of your personal effects, such as your appliances, furniture, and electronics
  • Damage to or theft of your expensive jewelry

About Trinre Insurance Company Limited

Trinre Insurance Company Limited was established in 1975 as an insurance provider partially owned by the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Over the next several decades, Trinre worked hard to establish itself as one of the strongest insurance providers in the country, and customers have taken notice.

Trinre believes in leaving its clients in better positions than they were before, and the company works to accomplish that by always operating with respect, honor, and purpose, three ideals that the company has claimed as its core values.

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1975 Year Founded
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Discounts & Features

  • Optional comprehensive motor coverage includes damage from floods, typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions
  • Condo Smart plan covers apartment houses and other multi-unit living quarters
  • Flexipay premium financing lets policyholders pay their premiums in monthly installments up to 11 months, with competitive interest rates