Simple Ways to Spend Less on Gas

Caroline Moses
Caroline Moses 22.11.2021

Most car owners will agree, the worst part of the upkeep is the recurring gas fees. Whether you fill up once a week or twice a month, the cost of refueling your car can add up.. fast! But did you know there are ways to save considerably on gas just by modifying some of your driving habits? No matter what car you drive, good driving habits can help with fuel efficiency – which helps both your wallet and the environment!


Did you know that a car that’s well maintained actually uses less gasoline? It’s true! Cars more regularly maintained work more efficently, utilizing less gas per drive.


Experts recommend that drivers have their tires rotated every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. But did you know that driving on tyres that are under-inflated can decrease your mileage? Keeping your tyres properly inflated is one easy way to retain the best bang for your buck when it comes to your gas mileage.


It should go without saying, but driving the speed limit is better – not just legally, but it actually uses less gasoline. Once a car goes over 75 kmph, gas mileage decreases rapidly.


When driving towards a traffic light or a stop sign, move your foot off the gas pedal earlier and allow your car to naturally slow before slamming your foot on the brakes. Similarly, accelerating hard can also do a number on your gas mileage. These practices decrease your fuel by about 5% in a city, and up to 33% at highway speeds!


If your car is going to be idling for more than a minute or so, it’s better to turn off the engine and restart the car. Unnecessary idling is an easy way to burn through your gas tank. This is why many new cars include an idling feature to turn off the engine when idling for long periods of time.


Air conditioning in a car puts around 20% greater load on the engine – so opting for no AC or using ‘economy’ settings to recirculate uncooled air can save you a lot of money in the long run. So if you can bear it, ditching the AC will to extend the life of your gas tank.


Maintaining a constant speed is an easy way to improve your fuel efficiency, but keep in mind that not every road is meant for cruise control. If you do opt to use cruise control, ensure you’re paying attention to the road and look out for sudden stops or incoming cars to reduce risk of an accident.


Driving with extra weight in the car can consume extra gas! Every 100 lbs in your car can decrease mileage by 2%, so avoid storing unnecessary items in your trunk and back seat when driving, and save yourself some money (and the clutter!).


While there are certainly other ways to reduce your gas bill – like ditching premium gas for regular, or by opting for an eco-friendly CNG or hybrid vehicle to reduce the amount of gas you’re using each month – these are simple driving changes you can make to extend the life of your full gas tank.