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Colfire Insurance is proud to allow our clients to compare the numerous types of personal insurance offered by Colfire, one of the leaders in home insurance and car insurance in Trinidad. The company has worked hard to achieve the status it has claimed for itself: “the insurer of choice.” Colfire has done this by remaining innovative since its inception, always staying competitive with its insurance products, business practices, and use of technology.

Those insurance shoppers looking to compare home insurance in Trinidad or get some car insurance options would do well to examine the offerings of Colfire before moving on to other insurance providers. You know you stand to benefit from the products of a company that has been working for decades to improve itself.

Read below to see why you may want to consider Colfire insurance for all your car and home insurance needs, and also to learn more about the company itself.

Colfire Insurance Features

Colfire in Trinidad and Tobago has offered a diverse suite of insurance products since 1968. lets customers compare the company’s car insurance and home insurance products.

Colfire Car Insurance

In the car insurance category, Colfire offers numerous types of coverage, including:

  • comprehensive coverage
  • third party fire and theft
  • third party protection

Basic car insurance, of course, protects the insurance buyer from damage to and loss of the vehicle through accidents, fire, theft, and vandalism. A comprehensive plan also covers the insured for:

  • medical expenses following a car accident
  • damage to clothing and other belongings
  • fire damage done to a garage where the vehicle is stored

Insurance shoppers should also know that numerous discounts are available with Colfire insurance plans. The Safe Driver Discount, for example, offers insured drivers an additional discount on premiums for every year they drive safely and do not cause accidents for which they would need to file claims. Then there is the Baby on Board discount, which offers a premium discount up to 20% to drivers with a child under four years old.

Colfire offers a multitude of other discounts and insurance policy features, which potential clients are encouraged to study before purchasing a policy.

Colfire Home Insurance

Colfire also offers home insurance in Trinidad and Tobago. These policies cover damages done to homes themselves, or the objects contained within them, by theft, fire, or natural event, such as a severe storm. Home insurance also extends beyond the actual damage done to one’s property and includes fees brought about by cleaning up debris or hiring architects or surveyors to assist with repairs.

Also included under the umbrella of Colfire’s home insurance is contents insurance, which protects damage to or loss of personal belongings in the home as a result of the dangers mentioned above. Colfire acknowledges that contents insurance typically costs much more than home insurance; the value of people’s personal effects can truly add up in the event of a home loss. As mentioned earlier, Colfire always works to stay competitive, in this case by offering its customers the HomeSafe Advantage. This is a heavily discounted contents insurance policy for which you can be eligible if you have an electronic security system in your home or employ a private security guard or patrolled security.

Company History and Values

Colfire certainly has a colorful history among insurance companies in Trinidad and Tobago. It began in 1955 as the Colonial Fire Insurance Company Limited. It was not until 1958, however, that the company began working in Port of Spain, its current headquarter city. For the next decade, the company operated strictly in the area of fire insurance. In 1968, it changed its name to Colonial Fire & General Insurance Company Limited, as it would now expand its specializations to other areas of insurance, including car insurance and home insurance.

Since that time, Colfire, now operating under its abbreviated name, has endeavored to become Trinidad and Tobago’s insurance leader by its sheer commitment to delivering for its customers. Colfire is dedicated to training employees to become knowledgeable servants of their clients, always placing service, claims management, and customer satisfaction before all else.

Colfire’s determination to succeed does not stop at ideals. The company has also implemented business practices that allow its employees to flourish so that they can better serve their clients. Colfire allows its staff to work together and be creative to find solutions to customer problems. When something does not work, the company steps back to reassess and tries again.

Colfire insurance is a product customers can trust. This is why is happy to incorporate the company’s insurance products into our quote comparisons.

Compare Colfire Insurance Quotes with

At, we understand that comparing insurance quotes in Trinidad and Tobago can present you, the customer, with more options than you might like to have; it can be difficult to think about the plethora of choices that Trinidad and Tobago insurance companies offer to prospective clients.

Our goal at is to help you along in your journey by showing you the costs of the policies you are considering. We do this because, while the details of the plans might seem attractive to you, choosing insurance providers often comes down to who has the lowest premiums.

You truly cannot go wrong with Colfire insurance, but, in case you are still undecided, you can compare car insurance and home insurance in Trinidad and Tobago with Colfire in Trinidad and Tobago is a leader in the industry. Compare their policies with us, and see what works for you.

100 Number of Employees
1955 Year Founded
17 Number of Branches

Discounts & Features

  • 20% motor premium discount for baby on board (comprehensive only)
  • 20% motor discount for Republic Bank credit card holders
  • 15% motor discount First Experience Drivers’ plan (comprehensive only)
  • 15% motor discount for First Citizens Bank credit card holders
  • HomeSafe Advantage permits low rates on contents and home insurance (must have home-security system, private security guard, or patrolled security)