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Sagicor Insurance

"Committed to improving the lives of the people in the communities in which we operate."

Of the numerous car and home insurance providers we let users to compare on our site, Sagicor is a top entity. The brand maintains three distinct companies, one of which is Sagicor General Insurance. This company offers top-quality car insurance and home insurance in Trinidad.

Finding the right options among all the insurance providers in Trinidad and Tobago can be quite a challenge. You have to balance the offerings you require for you and your family with the price you have to pay for those offerings. Sagicor insurance is definitely a provider you will want to consider as you continue your search.

Let’s get into some of your choices with Sagicor when it comes to home insurance and car insurance in Trinidad. We will also then provide you some insight into Sagicor as a company.

Sagicor Car Insurance in Trinidad

Sagicor offers three car insurance policy types: comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party only.


Comprehensive motor insurance covers your vehicle if it gets damaged in any way other than a collision with another vehicle. Comprehensive insurance covers damage done by fire, storms, or vandalism.

Third Party Fire and Theft

Meanwhile, third party fire and theft insurance through Sagicor covers your vehicle for damages done by fire, explosion, or any other kind of catastrophic combustion. This type of insurance plan also covers vehicles for theft and the costs of any damages you might accidentally cause to another person or private property.

Third Party

Meanwhile, third party insurance is the simplest kind of insurance you can purchase in Trinidad and Tobago. It covers you for damages done to other vehicles or people.

Sagicor Home Insurance in Trinidad

Sagicor’s home insurance, or property insurance, is another product designed to keep you and your family safe from nearly any risk that could befall your home or land. Home insurance policies provide you with funding should a storm or other accident damage your home, requiring thousands of dollars in repairs. It also provides liability funds if someone gets hurt on your property and ends up needing medical attention.

Sagicor offers two major types of home insurance: homeowner’s comprehensive and contents insurance.

Homeowners Comprehensive

This type of policy covers damage to the actual structure of your home and everything permanently attached to it. That includes kitchen cabinets, permanent decorations, fences, garages, and sheds. Some customers also choose to extend their comprehensive homeowners insurance by adding, for instance, coverage for external lock replacements, landscaping damages, and loss of rent due to damage. These extensions do not add any cost to your premium.

Contents Insurance

The other type of Sagicor home insurance is contents insurance, which covers your personal belongings inside the home. You would never want your electronics, furniture, or major appliances to be lost forever without being protected in the event of their loss. Sagicor’s contents insurance covers your belongings from damaging events such as earthquakes, fire, flooding, and theft.

About Sagicor

Sagicor has existed as a company since the 1850s, when it was known as The Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society. At that time, the company set up an office in Trinidad and built itself up eventually to become one of the leaders in personal and business insurance and financial solutions in Trinidad and Tobago. Today, Sagicor offers products in insurance, mutual funds, investments, mortgages, and more. Its name comes from the words “sage” and “cor,” meaning “wise” and “judgment,” respectively.

Sagicor’s business values include being timeless, borderless, and colorless. Taken together, those values mean Sagicor sees itself as selling products that will always be relevant to people across cultures and races.

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  • DrivePal feature encourages safe driving to save on premiums by having an electronic device installed on your vehicle. Your driving habits will be monitored to prove you are a safe driver and deserve lower rates
  • Young Professionals feature offers accident coverage up to $150,000 and covers loss of electronic devices such as phones, laptops, or tablets. Plan is perfect for young people starting out in theirs careers (ages 18 to 35 only, and must be a student, entrepreneur, or skilled tradesperson)