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Maritime Financial Group is one of those top insurance providers we are happy to feature on our site. When we talk about comparing insurance quotes online, we are referring to the kind of quality products Maritime offers.

Don’t just take our word for it. Learn below about the dependable coverage Maritime Financial Group offers to customers.

Maritime Financial Group Car Insurance

It doesn’t come much better when you need car insurance in Trinidad. Maritime’s auto insurance coverage works to be considered as nothing short of luxurious.

The company’s AutoMax product covers a range of potential hazards to you on the road while offering solutions that put the customer first. AutoMax is available only to customers who hold a comprehensive auto policy, which covers you for vehicle damage not caused by a collision with another object.

The benefits of the AutoMax plan really shine amidst Maritime’s competition. The plan provides:

  • Timely insurance claims settlement
  • No-claim discount
  • No value depreciation in claims involving total loss (if the vehicle is under five years old)
  • Higher-than-required liability ceilings
  • Loss of use (optional)
  • Waiver of excess (optional)
  • Premium financing (optional)

Furthermore, Maritime Financial Group’s auto assistance program includes allowances for 24-hour accident response and towing service, battery jumpstarts, tyre changes, shuttles from the site of the motor accident, locksmiths to retrieve keys from cars, and gasoline fills when cars run out on the road (gasoline is available at a charge).

Maritime Financial Group Home Insurance

Shyft is also happy to let users compare quotes for home insurance in Trinidad. Maritime offers that with the same level of quality as its car insurance options.

Maritime’s residential property insurance offers several options. Houseowner’s insurance covers damage done to the policyholder’s home, fences, gates, swimming pools, and other permanent structures on the property. Meanwhile, the householder’s insurance policy covers damage to or theft of the contents of the property, including your jewelry, computers, and artwork. Customers can combine a houseowner’s policy with a householder’s policy to be covered for damage to structures and personal belongings.

The hazards that might damage your property and necessitate a claim include fire, storms, earthquakes, floods, burglary, and riots.

These same risks apply to Maritime Financial Group’s commercial property insurance policies. Customers can purchase the Fire and Perils policy, which covers damage done to property used for business, and the contents of that property. The Building Under Construction policy is meant for incomplete buildings that will be used for business. It protects against the hazards mentioned above and pays claims in the amount of the building’s value at the time of the damage.

About Maritime Financial Group

The Maritime Financial Group was founded in 1988 to provide high-quality and responsible financial products and services to Trinidad and Tobago. Maritime values business done with professionalism, care, and ethics. Those are the values the group works to bring to all its dealings within itself and the public at large.

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200 Number of Employees
1988 Year Founded
4 Number of Branches

Discounts & Features

  • Up to 20% discount on motor insurance for female drivers
  • Discounts up to 30% for drivers using their pickup trucks privately
  • Young Driver with Good Grades Discount offers up to 20% discount for students performing well in school