Guardian General Insurance Limited proudly proclaims itself as the largest home-grown insurance provider in the Caribbean region. This is one reason why we are so happy to let users compare Guardian insurance quotes with us at We also enjoy working with Guardian because of the company’s diverse range of car insurance and home insurance products in Trinidad and Tobago.

We know our customers have seemingly unlimited options for choosing personal insurance options for themselves and their families. Guardian General Insurance Limited is as good a provider as any other, and this is why wants to be there to help you make the best decisions for your life circumstances.

Let’s learn more about Guardian insurance and the solutions the company offers for your needs. If you need car insurance in Trinidad or one of the many options for home insurance, Guardian might be the one for you.

Guardian Car Insurance in Trinidad

Guardian General Insurance Limited offers three main car insurance products: third-party coverage, comprehensive, and MotorGuard.

Third Party Coverage

Guardian’s third-party coverage protects your financial liability for damage you do to others’ property and personal injuries you cause while driving. Guardian’s third-party property damage policy offers up to TT $1 million for a one-person claim and TT $2 million for series of claims from one incident. Meanwhile, the company’s third-party bodily injury coverage provides up to TT $2 million for a claim made by one person and up to TT $4 million for a series of claims due to one incident. A third-party fire and theft policy is available, as well.


Individuals may also want to consider the comprehensive policies of Guardian insurance. Comprehensive motor insurance covers liability, fire and theft, and accidental damage done to a vehicle. Guardian provides several other benefits, for free, to holders of comprehensive motor insurance policies. Those include coverage for medical costs generated by injured parties, damage to personal belongings in your vehicle, garage damage done by fire, and personal injuries sustained by the policyholder and the holder’s spouse.


The final Guardian motor insurance product is MotorGuard®, which the company has dubbed “The Ultimate Motor Insurance.” This plan offers a number of higher-end, convenience-based car insurance benefits such as authorised repair, legal expenses for manslaughter charges, and increased third-party liability coverage limits.

Guardian General Insurance Limited is a top choice when you need flexibility in your car insurance.

Guardian Home Insurance in Trinidad

Guardian insurance is one of the most versatile insurance tools on the Trinidad and Tobago market. If you were impressed by the company’s motor insurance offerings, we at think you will also be pleased with its property insurance offerings. Don’t forget: with all the choices out there, you will need a partner that lets you compare home insurance in Trinidad. is that partner. Let’s learn about Guardian home insurance.

HomeGuard® Insurance

HomeGuard® Insurance is Guardian’s flagship property insurance product. It covers damage done to the building itself, the contents of the house or other type of building, and certain, separate belongings such as personal computers due to hazards such as fire, storms, floods, riots and strikes, falling trees, and total collapse. Business owners can also purchase coverage for liability to employees and the general public, who might become injured due to damage done to the property.

The HomeGuard® Insurance plan includes multiple separate products so customers can build the type of coverage that works for them. For example, building insurance covers structural damage done by all the risks mentioned above. Contents insurance covers damage done to the personal effects you keep inside your house or business. The hazards for which coverage is offered are almost the same as in the building insurance, except in this case, theft and the actions of malicious individuals are included.

Guardian General Insurance Limited also offers a variety of specialty home insurance packages. Students’ insurance is one of those. It provides traditional contents insurance for students living on campus while adding coverage for damaged class materials and damage done to rented school property. Guardian insurance products also include standard coverage policies for landlords and renters.

About Guardian General Insurance Limited

Guardian General Insurance Limited was incorporated in Trinidad and Tobago in 1980 and has since gone on to become one of the largest providers in the region. Guardian’s core values are service, trust, integrity, and quality.

At, we know the company has worked hard to provide the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago with insurance products they can trust when they need them most. It’s why we are happy to let users compare Guardian’s insurance quotes online.

Compare Guardian Insurance with lets you compare car and home insurance quotes quickly and easily, right from your computer. You can get the quotes you need in just a few minutes, which should make your search for insurance all the easier for you and your family.

Know that Guardian General Insurance Limited is a top insurance provider in Trinidad and Tobago. Compare all kinds of car and home insurance quotes online now with!

500 Number of Employees
1980 Year Founded
5 Number of Branches

  • MotorGuard motor insurance with optional extra benefits
  • HomeGuard property insurance with multiple options, including landlord and renters insurance