Gas prices in T&T rising! Where to find lower car insurance premiums?

Gas prices in T&T rising! Where to find lower car insurance premiums?

Stefan Luces
Stefan Luces 15.10.2018

In the recent budget our finance minister Colm Imbert made the announcement that effective immediately Super gasoline has increased by almost 25%! From $3.97 to $4.97 per litre.

Given that most of us here at Shyft use Super Gas, we began to think about the cost implications. How much less money will we have in our wallets every year?  So we sat down decided to crunch some numbers.

Our super savvy finance sales team member Veera got to work.

  • An average vehicle (Tuscon, Sentra, Grand Vitara etc.) in Trinidad has 55 litres of gasoline.
  • That means it used to cost you $218.00 to fill up at the pump. Now it will cost you $273.00
  • On average, given our “great roads” (cue funny commentary) and depending how much you drive or if you use you’re A/C, you have to fill up gas between 2 – 4 times each month. We assumed, a fill up amount of 3 times a month for the average Trini driving to work less than 40km each day.

That means if you are an average driver you will spend $9,928 on gas this coming year. But, last year your bill would have been $7,848. That is an increase of $2,200 a year. Think about that for a second. Your salary most likely won’t increase, food prices are going up and you are now out of pocket an extra $2,200 a year.

Now how can you get this money back? A simple and proven technique is by saving on car insurance …. No we don’t mean to simply stop buying car insurance (that would be illegal and quite frankly foolish). However, we suggest shopping around to make sure you are getting the best deal on your car insurance.

The easiest way to do that in Trinidad is by using the modern and easy to use online broker to purchase your car insurance. is a simple online car insurance shopping tool designed to save customers time on money and you can see accurate quotes from Massy, Beacon, Gulf, Furness, ICWI, TATIL etc. on the spot. On average our customers have saved 30% or more on their car insurance! That usually is way more than $2,000 in savings! Don’t believe us? Read REAL customer reviews below:

  • Kathy-Ann from Chaguanas: “The site is user friendly. It’s a simple and effective process compared to going to an agent having the deal with traffic. It saves you alot of time that can be spent doing other important things. Based on the quotation I received, I will be saving almost $1,200.00.”
  • Anita from Diego Martin: Loved it! Purchased from my home and saved $2000 compared to my last policy!!!”
  • Randell from Maraval: “The site is very user friendly and you can pay for your insurance using a number of payment options. The sales rep was also very pleasant and customer-service oriented. I recommend this service to everyone.”

Try it for yourself. Head over to to see real time quotes online in 5 minutes or less. We are here to help you with saving money and guidance and top claims service is also at the very core of our operation.