A beginner’s guide to contents insurance in T&T

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Stefan Luces
Stefan Luces 24.03.2020

What does contents insurance cover?

Content insurance Trinidad is one of the two main types of home insurance. It covers the contents of your house – your prized possessions – in the event of loss, damage or theft.

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Contents cover can also protect your belongings from events outside your control, including fires, theft, storms, floods, the movement of the ground below the property (aka subsidence) and water leaks. You can compare contents insurance prices with Shyft.tt by filling out a short form.

Contents insurance policies can cover all sorts of items, including:

  • Gadgets (ie phones and tablets)
  • Electrical items (ie TVs, laptops)
  • Money and financial documents
  • Furniture
  • Clothing

Especially valuable items need to be mentioned separately, including:

  • Bikes
  • Computer equipment
  • Jewelery

Do renter’s need contents insurance

Lots of home insurance policies are sold to cover both contents and the buildings themselves, but this isn’t always necessary. Renters, for instance, do not usually need Content insurance Trinidad or home insurance, which is typically handled by the landlord, but may consider a contents-only policy to protect their own valuables.

When applying for contents insurance, you will need to supply the following information:

Details about your property

  • Your address and property type (Concrete vs Wooden Structure)
  • Number of rooms
  • When your home was built
  • Security arrangements like locks and windows
  • Number of occupants and when they tend to be home

The value of your contents

  • An overall estimate of what your belongings are worth
  • Any high-value items worth more than, including paintings and jewelry

It’s important to estimate the value of your contents correctly, because that’s the total your policy will be able to pay out. A good approach is to go through each room slowly, making an inventory of all your possessions – as they can add up to more than you think.

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